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You are more then welcome. Yes, any person can join healthcare comminuty. You can list/find medical equipment for personal use, find professional for personal care. Just select "non-medical field" in "Occupation" field.
Joining to our healthcare community, posting job openings, listing medical equipment are all for FREE. We do not charge any fees for simple listings. No hiding fees. You can pay for advertizing, preferred listings, and "Gold company".
Yes, we use shared SSL Certificate from hosting company and dedicated SSL Certificalte for our website. You can see we have secure site. We never share your personal information with 3-rd party. Just read our Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use for your own safaty and privacy.


Thank you for your afford. Our one of the goals is best professional care with enough staffing. We welcome all people who can donate for our project. You can send a check to address belove or simply donate trough PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you again.
You can register as a professional healthcare worker in our community, or/and as a Company. Company is best joice for posting jobs at "Jobs" section., LLC and do not directly sell/buy/ship equpment. We are listing website. You need to contact with company or person directly to find out about correct price, shipping costs, condition and quality of equipment. Just read our DisclaimerPrivacy Policy, and Terms of Use for your own safaty. 


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